Lilyoad arduino

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The lilypad for arduino is a microcontroller board designed for wearables and e-textiles. It can be sewn to fabric and similarly mounted power supplies, sensors and actuators with conductive thread. The lilypad iduino can be programmed with the software of arduino. *Note*, the lilypad for arduino should only be programmed with software versions 0010 or higher. You can program it with earlier versions, but all of the time related functions will be off (twice as slow as they should be). The atmega168v or atmega328v on the lilypad comes preburned with a that allows you to upload new code to it with the software of arduino. You can also bypass the bootloader and program the atmega through the icsp (in-circuit serial programming) header. Microcontroller - atmega328v operating voltage - 2.7-5.5 V input voltage - 2.7-5.5 V digital i/o pins - 14 (of which 6 provide pwm output) analog input pins - 6 dc current per i/o pin - 40 ma flash memory - 16 kb (of which 2 kb used by bootloader) sram - 1 kb eeprom - 512 bytes clock speed - 8 mhz.
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