433Mhz Wireless RF Transmitter + Receiver Wireless Module S140

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Receiver module parameters

1. Product Model: MX-05V

2. Operating voltage: DC5V

3. Quiescent Current: 4MA

4. Receiving frequency: 433.92MHZ

5. Receiver sensitivity:-105DB

6. Size: 30 * 14 * 7mm

7. External antenna: 32CM single core wire, wound into a spiral

Technical parameters of the transmitter head

1. Product Model: MX-FS-03V

2. Launch distance :20-200 meters (different voltage, different results)

3. Operating voltage :3.5-12V

4. Dimensions: 19 * 19mm

5. Operating mode: AM

6. Transfer rate: 4KB / S

7. Transmitting power: 10mW

8. Transmitting frequency: 433M

9. An external antenna: 25cm ordinary multi-core or single-core line

10. Pinout from left ? right: (DATA; VCC; GND)

Application environment

Remote control switch, receiver module, motorcycles, automobile anti-theft products, home security products, electric doors, shutter doors, windows, remote control socket, remote control LED, remote audio remote control electric doors, garage door remote control, remote control retractable doors, remote volume gate, pan doors, remote control door opener, door closing device control system, remote control curtains, alarm host, alarm, remote control motorcycle remote control electric cars, remote control MP3.

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