LCD 128x64 (GREEN / BLUE)

    Display construction??_??_??_??_??_ 128*64 DOTS
    Display mode ??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_ STN / Yellow Green
    Display type ??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_  PositiveTranflective
    Viewing direction??_??_??_??_??_??_??_6 o??clock
    Operating temperature??_??_??_??_??_ Indoor
    Driving voltage??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_  Singlepower
    Driving method??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_  1/64duty, 1/9 bias
    Type??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_  COB (Chip OnBoard)
    Number of data line??_??_??_??_??_??_ 8-bit parallel
    Connector??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_??_  Pin
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