Mp3 FN-BC04

Mp3 FN-BC04 is a high quality MP3 sound module. Equipped with an onboard 10W amplifier, the sound module can be controlled by 4 separate buttons hooked up to the ???one-on-one?? inputs terminals and by UART R232 serial port working with a MCU. Great audio output, industry-grade design and strong anti-jamming capability make it possible to be used for many different applications.

1). With high quality audio decoder, supports MP3 and WAV audio formats.
2). Sampling rates supported: 8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48(KHz).
3). 24 bit DAC output and supports dynamic range 90dB and SNR 85dB.
4). Supports one-on-one button control mode and UART serial port control mode.
5). In button control mode, it plays back 4 sounds one-on-one by negative triggering.
6). Uses micro SD card and the built-in SPI flash memory for storage devices.
7). Built-in 4MB SPI flash memory by default, and supports max. 16MB.
8). Supports max. 32GB micro SD card.
9). Possible to load sound files to the flash memory directly via the USB connecting with computer like using a USB flash drive.
10). Built-in a 10 watts amplifier that can drive a 10 watts speakers directly.
11). Adjustable sound volume with the potentionmeter.
12). Wide range for power input(DC9-24V).
13). PCB size: 46mmx46mm

Technical Parameters:
 Working voltage: DC 9V-24V
 Working current: ?_400mA (Input: DC12V)
 Power Consumption: ?_10W
 On-board flash memory size: 4MB
 Audio format: MP3 and WAV.

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