• ML003
Xbee module is a ZigBee wireless module technology, such as through inter-serial device to communicate with the microcontroller, can very quickly achieve the purpose of the device is connected to a ZigBee network.
This is a 2.4G's XBee wireless module. This module uses the 802.15.4 protocol stack, through serial interface between the microcontroller and other devices to communicate, to support point-to-multipoint communications and networking. This module is the antenna wire antenna, simple and convenient.. 3.3Vnbsp; 50mA
The maximum communication speed 250kbps. 1mW output (+0 dBm)
400 feet (120 meters) communication distance. Wire antenna
Fully FCC certified. 6 10-bit ADC input pins. 8 digital IO pins. 128-bit encryption
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