LM358 comparator

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Wide Supply Ranges

    Single Supply: 3 V to 32 V
    (26 V for LM2904)
    Dual Supplies: ?1.5 V to ?16 V
    (?13 V for LM2904)

Low Supply-Current Drain, Independent of Supply Voltage: 0.7 mA Typical
Wide Unity Gain Bandwidth: 0.7 MHz
Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Ground, Allowing Direct Sensing Near Ground
Low Input Bias and Offset Parameters

    Input Offset Voltage: 3 mV Typical
    A Versions: 2 mV Typical
    Input Offset Current: 2 nA Typical
    Input Bias Current: 20 nA Typical
    A Versions: 15 nA Typical

Differential Input Voltage Range Equal to Maximum-Rated Supply Voltage: 32 V
(26 V for LM2904)
Open-Loop Differential Voltage Gain:
100 dB Typical
Internal Frequency Compensation
On Products Compliant to MIL-PRF-38535,
All Parameters are Tested Unless Otherwise Noted. On All Other Products, Production Processing Does Not Necessarily Include Testing of All Parameters.
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