Arduino Starter Kit Includes:
    1x    Arduino Uno R3 (Original - Made in Italy)
    1x    USB Cable - Type A to B
    1x    Breadboard 840 points
    1x    Breadboard Jumper Wire (Pack of 75)
    1x    9V Battery Connector
    1x    Photoresistor LDR
    1x    Potentiometer 10k??
    5x    Mini Push Button Switch ??? 5mm
    1x    LM35 Temperature Sensor
    1x    16x2 Character LCD Display Module With Yellow Light
    5x    LEDs (red)
    5x    LEDs (green)
    5x    LEDs (yellow)
    1x    Infrared (IR) Remote Controller
    1x    TSOP1738 IR Receiver
    1x    IR LED & diode pair 5MM
    1x    Small DC motor 5V
    1x    Small servo motor
    1x    H-bridge motor driver [L293D]
    1x    Buzzer
    2x    NPN Transistor [BC547]
    2x    PNP Transistor [BC557]
    5x    Capacitors 100nF
    5x    Capacitors  47uF
    5x    Diode [1N4007]
    5x    Diode [1N4148]
    1x    Break Away Male header
    3x    Single Digit 7 Segment LED Display (Red on Black)
    1x    7805 5V Voltage Regulator IC
    10x    Resistors 220 ??
    10x    Resistors 470 ??
    10x    Resistors 1 k??
    10x    Resistors 4.7 k??
    10x    Resistors 10 k??
    10x    Resistors 1 M??
    10x    Resistors 2.2 M??

Arduino Starter Kit Resources:
    Go to the Arduino UNO LABS Page
    Getting started Arduino UNO
    Arduino Uno Forum
    Arduino UNO Rev3 Reference Design
    Arduino UNO Rev3 Schematic
    Download Arduino IDE
    ATmega328 Datasheet
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