NTC Thermistor 100K ohm

    Fastest response time and high accuracy
    Better Stability ,as chip is welded with leads by alloy soldering process
    High resistance and mechanical strength
    Small size, lightweight and cheap
    Mass production for high accurate element
    Operation temperature range: -50 to +260 degrees Celsius
    Thermal time constant: less than 5s (In still air)
    Usable in high-temperature and high-moisture environments

    Resistance value: R?_?25??C?_?=100K??1%
    B Value: B=3950??1% (calculated from resistance value at 25??C and 50C)
    Insulation resistance 50M?? or over by DC500V megger (between glass and lead wire
    Thermal time constant (??): ???_10?__17s (in still air)
    Thermal dissipation constant (??): ??=1.1?__1.6mW/??C (in still air)
    Operating temperature range:-50~+260䋀

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