Smart Robot Car Chasis 4 Wheels

Smart car chassis for Arduino. This chassis is a general purpose chassis with 4 wheel drive system. This chassis can be used with Any micro controller unit including Arduino, AVR, 8051, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, NodeMCU etc.
The chassis is wooden made. It has got several mounting holes in it so that various robot parts can be mounted on the chassis.

Pacakge Contains
1. Wooden Chassis - 1 pc.
2. 100 RPM BO motor (Vigor Make) - 4 Pcs.
3. BO Motor Rubber Wheel - 4 Pcs.
4. 4XAA Battery Holder - 1 Pc.
5. Motor Mounting Screws - 8 Pcs.
6. Nut for motor mounting screws - 8 Pcs.

Excluding Tax: ₹130
Stock Status: Order with good quantity to explore best price